12 Piece 1/4" Shank Tungsten Carbide Woodworking Milling Bit Drill Bit Rotary Tool Set
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12pcs 1/2" or 1/4" Shank Tungsten Carbide Woodworking Router Bit Cutter Rotary Tool Set


Shank Diameter:1/4"(6.35mm)

Router Bit Sizes:

6mm (1/4") Straight Bit

12mm (1/2") Straight Bit

16mm (5/8") Straight Bit

12.7mm (1/2") 90deg "V" Grooving Bit

12.7mm (1/2") Dovetail Bit

32mm (1-1/4") 45deg Chamfer Bit

12.7mm (1/2") Flush Rrim Bit

R6.3mm (1/4") Round Over Bit

R9.5mm (3/8") Round Over Bit

R6.3mm (1/4") Core Box Bit

R6.3mm (1/4") Cove Bit

R4mm (5/32") Roman Ogee Bit

Quantity: 12pcs / Box


The product is drilled using a professional electric drill, bench drill. Rpm 800-1000 or as close to as possible while also adding water for cooling the holes during operation is an advantage.


This cutter set contains a range of the most widely used cutters for decorative woodworking.

Supplied in handy wooden storage case.

Suitable for wood, MDF board, hardwood and softwood.

Package Included:

1x (12pcs) Router Bit Box

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