A-2546B Solar Pressure Wire Fitter With Mc4 Connector Terminal Crimping Clamp For Solar Panel Cable System
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A-2546B MC4 Precise Crimping Tool Solar System Panels/Cables 2.5-6mm² Crimper

Product Category:Crimping Tool
Crimping Range:2.5/4/6mm²
Ergonomic design;
Pressure line film and locator under the pressure line terminal selected.
In the repeated pressure line to maintain a higher standard of quality pressure line;
The excellent lever transmission design,isobar large cross-section of the wire,the more labor-saving;

The positioning device can be fixed in the jaw, to ensure precise positioning of the terminal of the pressure line;
The new PV Crimping Pliers Precision pressure line module and over all locking design(self locking and releasing mechanism);
Package Included:
1* Crimping Tool

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