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Ferrule Ratchet
Specifications: 12 month warranty..
Ferrule Ratchet Pro
Specifications: 12 month warranty..
Gel-Filled Connector Crimp Tool
Specifications: 12 month warrantyDesigned to seat UG, UR and UY connectors without damaging the conn..
Heavy Duty Ratchet Crimp Tool For Insulated Terminals
This heavy duty ratchet crimping tool is manufactured from quality carbon steel and fitted with hard..
Heavy Duty Uninsulated Lug 10-35Mm
Specifications: 12 MonthsSteel crimp tool for non-insulated cable lugs to suit cabling between 2 and..
Hf2 Professional Crimp Crimp Tool Length: 235Mm
High precision - Low cost mainly for quick connector types. Achieves a roll type crimp which support..
Idc Crimping Tool With Crimping Pliers
Suits all IDC cable connectors. Commonly used for connecting items such as SCSI and IDE computer plu..
Idc Inline
Specifications: 12 month warrantySuits IDC transition connectors. Commonly used for data connections..
K26 Non-Insulated Terminal Crimp Tool Length: 280Mm Non-Insulated Terminal Crimp
Crimps copper lugs and un-insulated terminals 1.5 ~ 16mm2. A robust tool with ratchet, that is relea..
Multi-Purpose Compression Crimping Tool For F-Type Plug Spring Clamps
TH1803A compact compression tool designed for our Foxtel approved F-type plug (PP0708). A channel ac..
P722 Hozan Bare Terminal (Sleeve) Crimp Tool For Terminals: 1.25 / 2.0
Features: P722 crimper includes a wire stripper and cutter so itis an all-in-one tool for crimpin..
P736 Hozan Flat Crimp Tool Ce1-Ce2-Ce5 Terminals Suitable Terminals: Ce-1 / Ce-2 / Ce-5 Flat*3
Specifications: Applicable terminals: CE-1/CE-2/CE-5 O.A.L.: 198mm Weight: 300g Weight:..
P75 Hozan Bare Terminal (Sleeve) Heavy Duty Crimp Tool For Terminals: 1.25 / 2 / 5.5 / 8
Specifications: Applicable terminals: 1.25/2/5.5/8 O.A.L.: 270mm Weight: 390g Weight: 0..
Pre-Threaded 3-Way F-Type Connector Holder Tool For Rg6 And Rg59
Specifications: 12 month warrantyThis 3 way tool assists in the connection of F type connectors. Inc..
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Specifications: 12 month warranty..
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