Professional Crimp Tool Set Rg59 / 58/6 Coaxial Compression Crimp Connector Bnc / Rca / F
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Crimp Tool Coax Compression Crimping Cable Connectors RG59/RG58/RG6 BNC/RCA/F


Model: 981079

Material: Tool Steel, PP

Color: Blue+Black

Size: 28.8*11.2*2.5cm

Crimp Range: RG59, 58, 6 (3C, 4C, 5C)/ F, BNC, RCA

3 Connectors: F crimp connector/ BNC pressure connector/ RCA crimp connector


- The use of high-quality steel production, exquisite workmanship, strong and durable.

- Professional suppression RG59,58,6 coaxial cable F, BNC, RCA connector to ensure the quality of the suppression while showing a beautiful appearance.

- High-quality wear-resistant blade, blade sharp and easy to cut, long life, to ensure that the cut out of the port formation, no glitches.

- Convenient latch design, save time and effort, easy to suppress, incorporating simple.

- High-quality plastic handle, professional ergonomic concept, so you feel more comfortable when used.

Package included:

1 X Crimping Tool

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