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-Gross weight:23.3g

-Color: Blue

-Model number:AMT-324

-Material: ABS Plastic,SK-5

-Size: Approx.9.8x2.5x2.3cm

-Scope of application:Coaxial cable RG11/6,six angle wrench

Designed for easy single operation of stripping RG59/6 coaxial cable.

With hex wrench for easy installing or removing F connector from splitter.

1.Press the plunger by squeezing downward and then fully insert the cable into the stripping nest.Release the plunger.

2.Rotate the tool around the coaxial cable four to six times by clockwise direction.Remove the prepared cable and the scrap insulation and jacket from the stripping nest.

3.With spaaer for F connectors.


-AMT-324 stripping pliers are suitable for RG59/6.

-Pen design,light weight,easy to carry and practical.

-Using a return spring and locking device,automatic adaptation.

-Stripping is quick and easy,rotate 3 to 6 turns clockwise,once formed.

-The appearance is exquisite and easy to use,the product is a hex wrench shape to facilitate the installation of the F-head of the coaxial cable.

Package Includes:

-1 piece Coaxial Wire Stripper

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