Woodlette Booth Bed Extensions
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Discover the best of both worlds

There could only ever be one gripe with 's renowned range of mini and midi lathes - and there's no points for guessing what. But despite their pint-size, these lathes offer serious grunt and some excellent features for the price point. So what to do when you need a little extra capacity Well that's where our lathe attachments come in - compatible with every mini and midi lathe.

Bed Extension & Woodlathe Stand

Measuring in at 320 x 550mm, these two stands offer you the ability to increase your lathe's capacity, taking on larger projects and ramping up your woodturning a notch. They're also offered at excellent value. They're easily attachable and low-vibration, made from high-quality materials.

Each item is also available separately.

Lathe Stand
  • Length adjusts from 600 to 950mm
  • Working height adjusts from 630 to 880mm from the ground
  • Top plates with pre-bored mounting holes measures 165 x 215mm
Lathe Stand Extension
  • Extends stand to 1.69 metres long.

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